A platform for businesses that are serious about their customer experiences

Lipscore is about smoothness and removing friction in ecommerce. We know that customer ratings and reviews raise sales and increases trust between a business and their customers. Our vision is therefore simple;
Improved results by optimizing shopping experiences

Our core values


Our success is a direct result of our ability to make it simple for shoppers to give feedback about their customer experiences. Everything we do is with simplicity and usability in mind.


Transparency is in the nature of our business and we care about sharing. We believe that transparency leads to better and longer lasting customer relationships and we enjoy working with businesses that share this philosophy.


Reviews from Lipscore are 100% real, written by real buyers, in their own words, unedited and signed with their full name.
That gives credibility.

Our story

The founder of Lipscore, Henning Frettem, is a notoriously impatient guy and it was in pure frustration he decided to start the company back in 2013. There were some pretty big players in the customer reviews market back then also, but none of them had much traction in the Scandinavian region and none of them were any good in terms of user experience and simplicity. The process of giving a rating and review was so difficult that only a very small percentage actually bothered. Now, for big multi-million dollar businesses that's not a problem because they get enough reviews anyway, but for smaller businesses it was almost impossible to get their review counts up. Henning wanted to do something about this and he also knew how.

First line of code was written in the fall of 2013 and we got our very first customer early in January 2015 - but it wasn't until the fall of 2016 things really started to happen. You can read the whole story about the start, ups and downs and visions for the future in the article Henning wrote: This is the story of my startup (in Norwegian only)

We are Lipscore

Henning Frettem
Steinar Schjager
Partner - Key Account Manager
Alina Wojslaw
Head of Operations
Knut-Erik Merdem
Olga Ivanova
Head of Development
Sergey Lupinos
Senior developer
Lauri Kangaslahti
Partner - Sales and Marketing Finland
Jan Erik Sørgaard
Kremena Tosheva

Let's talk

Call our sales team at +47 22 22 53 15 or send us an email to sales@lipscore.com