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User Reviews: Why Customers’ Trust Is So Important In eCommerce

Henning Frettem
Published by
Henning Frettem
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User Reviews: Why Customers’ Trust Is So Important In eCommerce

Henning Frettem
Published by
Henning Frettem

In eCommerce, customers’ trust is rooted in a company’s willingness and ability to make finding relevant information easily. A company that shows faith in its customers gets their trust back.

If your shop does not appear trustworthy, customers will often choose to do shopping elsewhere. Uncertain customers often drop out in the middle of the buying process and tell others about their negative experience with your online store. Today’s customer expects a convenient and personal shopping experience and it is up to the online stores to find solutions that make the experience painless and reassuring.

So how to win customers’ trust in your online store?

Incomplete or too general information makes customers uncertain, and uncertainty decreases trust and sales. With user reviews, in the form of up-to-date information from other users, you can easily give your customers the extra assurance they seek before deciding to buy.

Today’s customer is willing to pay more if they get their questions answered and feel that the producer’s descriptions are confirmed by other verified shoppers on the product page. More and more people expect to see user reviews as the third party verifier before they make a purchase online.

Studies show that customers are influenced by traditional advertising only to a small extent compared to recommendations from friends and colleagues. At the same time, they have up to 12 times more trust in user reviews than in producer’s own descriptions. Lipscore numbers show that only 7.9% of buying customers are unhappy and give negative reviews, while the majority of user reviews end with a positive comment!

User reviews enhance trust by showing that you actively engage with your customer group. They give you priceless insight into customers’ perspective and create a strong foundation for developing your brand. With user reviews, you build trust over time, which results in more traffic, increased conversion rates, and higher average order value.

What does trust mean for online shoppers?

These are often small details that determine where customers decide to shop. The decisive factor of whether customers make a purchase or not can be anything from missing content or privacy concerns to slow websites and tedious payment methods. But above all, it is trust.

To do well in eCommerce you have to create an attractive, comfortable and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers. Online shopping itself is quite abstract because customers have no chance to physically interact with and evaluate products, which makes thinking about how the customer perceives the online store’s credibility crucial.

1. The business is moral

Customers want to know that the online store they’re shopping in complies with the law and cares about its customers. To a large extent, this means that the company recognizes its social responsibility and integrates social and environmental considerations into its business model on a voluntary basis and regardless of legal requirements.

2. The products meet expectations

Users expect that products or services they shop meet the standards declared by the shop. They want to be assured that the choice they’re making guarantees the quality they’re looking for. It also means that access to nuanced and objective information is expected, with more and more inclination towards user reviews from verified shoppers.

3. The information is correct

When users trust the information available on your website, it is much less probable that they will choose to shop elsewhere. Correct and up-to-date information is especially important for purchases of more expensive goods. Potential customers often check several sources before they make a bigger purchase, and are more likely to shop in your online store if you have multiple sources available on the product page.

4. The company protects its customers

From the customers’ perspective, it is important to know that the company one shops with takes precautions and has proper privacy guidelines. They want to know that their private information such as credit card details and address is kept secret and secure.

5. Complex concepts have simple explanations

In today’s digital world ‘Terms and Conditions’ is a well-known concept but what it entails is often unclear. As a customer, one has to tick a checkbox saying that they accept the company’s terms over and over again. Consumers are generally comfortable not knowing exactly why different information is collected by a company, as long as they can be sure that the information is being used for relevant purposes, such as developing a better product or service.

6. It works as it should

If a consumer chooses to carry out a purchasing process, answer the questions and go through several different steps, they want to be sure that the shop’s intentions behind this process are in line with theirs. They want to know that, as a rule, purchases in your webshop go as they should – and it’s not enough that you give them your word. Before they actually experience shopping in your online store, they have no idea what to expect, which is why the user-generated content on your product page is often crucial.

E-commerce of the future ‍‍

It has taken time for Norwegian customers to get into the habit of shopping online, but in recent years Norwegians have really gotten a taste for online shopping. According to Norsk e-handel 2018, online consumption in Norway continues to increase significantly, with as much as a 17% increase from 2017 to 2018.

Nevertheless, many online shops continue to fail due to incomplete or misleading content on their website. In 2018, finding ways to demonstrate credibility in eCommerce became more important than ever, and its importance will only increase in the years to come. According to Salsify 2018 was the year when credibility outscored price – customers are less concerned with prices as long as the product appears credible.

Good relations with customers start with winning their trust, and the content of your product page has never been more important for this exact reason. User reviews are a simple and effective way to show faith in your customers – and once your company does it, you will get their trust in return!

The future online shoppers will expect to find up-to-date customer reviews on your product pages. User reviews contribute to a more comprehensive impression of a product’s user-friendliness and credibility. With user reviews, you invite your customers to validate the quality of your claims and give potential customers the third-person verification they are so keen to receive. Along with proper product descriptions, customer reviews increase your online shop’s credibility.

User reviews from Lipscore are 100% genuine, written by real customers, non-edited, and signed with customers’ full name. That’s what we call credibility.

Let us help you – Get started with user reviews and gain higher credibility for your online store today!

Henning Frettem
CEO & Founder