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9 Essential Features Your Review Management Platform Needs to Have

Alina Wojslaw
Published by
Alina Wojslaw
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9 Essential Features Your Review Management Platform Needs to Have

Alina Wojslaw
Published by
Alina Wojslaw

Let’s talk about online reviews. How do you get them? How do you increase your positive reviews and decrease the negative ones? How do you effectively resolve customer complaints, handle customer queries, as well as everything in between?

These are the common questions floating around most eCommerce business owners’ minds, so if they’re keeping you up at night too, you’re not alone.

However, all of these questions have one simple answer: Review management software. Now, we know what your next question is...

How do I choose the best review management software for me?

Check these points off your list to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

1) When generating reviews, response rates matter.

You could send out 10,000 emails and texts to past customers, but if none of them open the messages or click the links, you’ll be back to square one very quickly.

First and foremost, you need to look at the average response rates each review management platform gets, so you know how many reviews you can expect to generate. Part of what you’re paying for is the ability to bring in real reviews on tap, so this is important.

2) Review Moderation Module

A scathing review comes in from a deeply unhappy buyer. Potential customers are going to see it and think twice about buying your product/service. What do you do?

Review moderation. That’s what you do. Any review platform worth your attention will equip you in the following tools: 

Immediate unhappy customer notifications

So that you never overlook a dissatisfied customer and can take immediate steps to make amends and win the customer back, with as little damage for your brand reputation as possible.

Automatic or manual follow up prodecure

Initiating a private dialogue with your customer off-site to get to the bottom of your their bad experience and find a way to make it right is crucial in your customer win-back efforts.

Possibility to reply to reviews in public

Your private dialogue with the customer is of the highest value, but replying in public with an apology and showing your willingness to fix the problem gives your prospect buyers a sense of safety and trust, knowing they can count on you if something goes sideways.

Simple review-upate request

When your customer is happy again and would like to change their feedback, you should be able to offer them an effortless way to do so.

Reviews moderation is not meant for negative reviews only. Enthusiastic, elaborate reviews rich in detail and value for other customers deserve your appreciation, while the ones containing questions are often a chance to help your customer post-purchase or even upsell. For valuable tips, read our article on Responding to Online Reviews.

3) Protection against fake reviews

It’s a sad fact of the eCommerce industry – fake reviews are everywhere. Both positive and negative fake reviews have a detrimental effect on your business - positive fake reviews misinform your customers, encourage them to buy mismatched products and above all, ruin their trust when the truth comes out. Negative fake reviews scar your reputation and scare your shoppers off, pushing them into the arms of your competitors.  

You need a system to protect your brand’s authenticity, and any decent review management platform should do that.

There are at least three ways to ensure reviews authenticity.

Reviews by invitation only

Email or SMS feedback requests are sent exclusively to buyers at a set time after they’ve made a purchase. Reviews left via invitation should be marked with a Verified Buyer badge, guaranteeing their authors purchased the product they’re reviewing.

Reviews published with their author's full name

Not only do the reviews come from verified buyers but are additionally displayed with their author's full name. It increases credibility and has a tremendous disciplinary effect, as the reviewers take more responsibility for their words, thus formulating their opinions in a polite manner, even when disappointed with your product or service.

Social log-in required for external reviews

If a webshop opens up for external user's feedback too, the requirement for social log-in takes the anonymity off the table and makes it harder to leave an offensive review without consequences. Also, an external review obviously should not be marked with a Verified Buyer badge to make a clear distinction between the reviews coming from more and less secure source and bring their lower credibility to shopper's attention.

4) Hands-free, branded review requests

Your customer has gone to your website and bought from your brand. If you send them a generic review request, it won’t just be ignored, you’ll also break the brand experience you’ve worked hard to deliver and lose that all-important credibility.   

At the same time, designing a branded review request from scratch and sending it manually will fill a fair chunk of your schedule.   

Any decent review platform will offer both customizing your review invitation and total automation, empowering you to automatically send out beautiful, on-brand review invitations that are likely to drive the best results.

5) Reputation protection

It’s Friday afternoon and your week is winding down.

Looking for something to do, you browse your website, and that’s when you see it.

A one-star review. Faulty product. Left on Monday morning.

Hundreds of customers have seen it, and noticed you’ve done nothing about it. If only you’d seen it sooner…   

Your best chance to get a review edited or removed by your customer is when you immediately take steps to wipe away your customer's tears. Being immediately notified about a negative review is one thing. Another is what your reviews software allows you to do with it and above all, what you want to do with it.

It's a complex matter and there should be a number of solutions available to you.

If it's a negative review you don't want to follow up on:

You should be able to leave a public reply with your apology and suggest the customer a solution: for instance, a link to your returns policy or whom to contact if they need assistance.

If it's a negative review you definitely want to follow up on and fix what went wrong:

You should have a way of hiding the review from your website for a limited number of days, which will give you a chance to reach out to your customer, make amends and ask them to change or remove their feedback. If you fail, the review should be posted back to the website as it is.

If the review is inappropriate:

Meaning vulgar, politically incorrect, offensive, spam or fake, you should have a fair option of taking it off your site, contacting the customer with a request to change their review so that it meets your guidelines for acceptable reviews, and if they don't - remove it for good.

6) Simple reporting and data analysis

Most eCommerce owners like to keep their fingers on the pulse of how their store is performing but that doesn’t mean they want to get buried in the thousands of reports that most tools generate.   

If you want to know how many 4* reviews were left by non-VAT business customers on every other Friday in 2018, there’s probably software for that. At Lipscore, we like to keep things simple.

A comprehensive but simple dashboard should provide you with basic success indicators, including the number of review requests sent, the number of ratings and reviews received and their ratio (response rate). Additionally, information about performance of your products (best rated, worst rated, most rated, most reviewed) would be valuable. Reporting can be automatic or on request. Customization of your dashboards and reports should be possible but do expect extra charge.

7) Quick and easy integration

A review management tool might look good on paper, but if it’s non-compatible with your website, or takes too much time and effort to get set up, it will be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, be sure to check that your chosen tool integrates with your store and how much effort - if any - this will require from your development team. There is a number of ways reviews softwares can be integrated: via native apps and plugins, integration modules developed by your eCommerce platform, API or 3rd party tools. Each method requires different amount of time and effort and, above all, not all reviews platforms are meant for all eCommerce platforms. Make sure to figure out ifprovider you're considering can guarantee the integration with your eCommerce platform is not only possible but won't burden your team too much.

8) Onboarding support and customer success program

When you set up an online tool that you haven’t used before, there’s nothing worse than being left to fend for yourself. Here are our recommendations on what you should expect from your ratings and reviews provider.

Dedicated Success Manager

If everytime you have a question or come across and issue you have to create a ticket in some general support system, you will always be dealing with a new person who knows little about your account or your issues history. Having one, devoted person, taking care of your onboarding and integration process, training you in the use of the tool and making sure all goes well when you go live, will save you time for repetitive explanations, self-learning, and above all - you will always refer toa person who understand your business and needs - and this makes way more effective, and well, pleasant.

Customer Success Program

Going live should not be a break-up moment between you and the support team. Some providers offer invaluable Success Programs, where your devoted customer manager keeps a finger on pulse to make sure you're getting the most of your software, prepares suggestions for improvements and growth, and informs you about new features you may find profitable for your business.   

9) Fast, flexible and friendly customer support

“Our team aims to respond to all emails within 24 million hours.” That's not what you want.

Review management can’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to, either. Make sure it’s not only the software you choose that meets your expectations but that you can count on the support team behind it. You deserve fast, effective support for any issues that you might face.   

A 5-star Review Management Platform is Your Ticket to Ecomm Success

If you want to find real review success whilst selling online, your review management platform isn’t the place to cut corners, and that’s exactly why the Lipscore team has put years of effort into creating an unrivalled platform full of business-boosting features. You may think we are a bit biased when writing this article but truth be told, we've got it all.


Find out just how much your store could benefit from integrating Lipscore. Let’s talk!

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Alina Wojslaw
Customer Success Manager