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More reviews

= more sales

Let's say you have 1000 orders in your webshop. Would you prefer to get under 50 ratings from these orders or over 200? That's what we do; get you more ratings and reviews than anyone else.

Sarah S.
1 day ago
Axel Mikkelson
1 week ago
Maria Alison
2 days ago
Tom Johnson
4 days ago
George S.
1 week ago

Build quality is excellent, there is a full color top notch screen and different options. Been using this fitness bike for 3 weeks now and...

Been using this mixer for 1 month now, and I'm really satisfied. A very nice mixer. Five stars!

Lizzie Evans
2 days ago
Tom Johnson
4 days ago
Jose Austin
1 week ago
2 days ago
Tom Johnson
4 days ago
Jose Austin
1 week ago
Product photo
Tone Vike
4 days ago
Hedvig Bakken
1 week ago

Lipscore works on all platforms

And our reviews have been displayed over 1.2 billion times in the last 30 days


Lipscore works. Flawless user experience makes it super easy for your customers to leave ratings and reviews which results in over 20% response rate. Search engines pick up on them, and your web traffic rises. Couple this with boosted brand trust and social proof, and you’ve got a recipe for sales success.

How does it work?

The Lipscore platform explained in 4 simple steps.
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simple setup

Lipscore integrates with all of your sales channels in no-time. Using Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, or any other eCommerce platform? We’ve got you covered.

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on autopilot

Once a customer order is completed Lipscore auto-schedules review invitation emails and SMS messages for when your customers are most likely to respond. This is where the magic happens!

You ordered one of our chairs 7 days ago. How do you like it? Let us know.
Jeffrey B.
2 days ago
Tom Johnson
4 days ago
Jose Austin
1 week ago
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You receive reviews

With one single click in the invitation email or SMS, your customer shares their feedback, completely friction-free, and with automated login.

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sales grow

Your visibility and traffic increase, customers read the reviews, trust in your brand grows, and your sales spike. This cycle repeats, delivering continuous business growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions for us? Please get in touch!

Short answer: Yes. Lipscore can be used on any website with our extremely simple HTML/JavaScript widgets and we also have native apps for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. We also offer API access for complete customization. See Integrations page for more detailed info.

Integration is simple regardless of which platform you use and we have an expert onboarding team standing by at all times, and we can even do the integration for you (selected platforms). How long it takes really depends on your platform but our native modules for Magento / Shopify / WooCommerce / nopCommerce are integrated in a few hours. Integrations with our HTML/JS-widgets or the API will involve your developers and take more time, but usually not more than 6-8 developer hours. Our onboarding/support team will be there for you along the process to make it as smooth as possible!

Lipscore has a range of products and services that will help you succeed with both your customer ratings and reviews and user-generated content. Once we get to know your business and needs, we’ll come up with a customized offer for you, but you can take a look at our price thresholds on the Pricing page to get an initial idea of what to expect.

As long as you own the reviews and have a right to publish them + you can provide us with an export (excel, csv, etc) of your existing reviews we will import them for you.

Our key differentiator is an insane response rate. While the market average is 2-5%, with our software you collect over 20% feedback on average! We are also very proud of the customer service we provide and all customers, regardless of size, gets their own dedicated customer success manager with manually performed health checks two times per year, performance tuning of your messages to maximize feedback, etc.

We also offer a modern platform with very easy access to integrations through our API or Zapier, and we actually get a lot of compliments on how easy it is to manage the reviews.

In short; we are actually very easy to work with!

Sounds Good?

Lipscore is an all-in-one tool packed with services and features that will benefit your business in more ways than you expect. Check them out!
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