More sales with customer
reviews from Lipscore

The worlds most efficient engine for ratings and reviews
More sales - better insights

It works like this

1) You do business as usual with your customers

2) Lipscore sends the customer a branded Review Invitation Email on your behalf

3) The customers rating and review is published on your website, or funneled to your CRM/etc

"We started using Lipscore on in October 2017 and has since then launched and we are in the process of launching We are very pleased and have not considered other review vendors since we started working with Lipscore"

Atle Egenes, eCommerce manager, VOICE Norway (major Norwegian fashion house)

Tons of reviews with minimal effort

Did you know that Lipscore has the most efficient ratings and reviews system on the planet? More than 20% of shoppers give feedback on the products or services they buy.

Automatic email invitation after purchase
Efficient review process without login
Shoppers give ratings, reviews or both

"Lipscore has made it extremely simple for our customers to leave reviews. Their reviews solution works really well!

Johannes Kjos, eCommerce manager, Jernia (major Norwegian retail chain)

More sales- better profitability

Research (*) shows that the average order uplift for products with a critical mass of reviews is 18% across all segments and verticals. In addition to increased sales you will also see higher profitability due to fewer returns, increased average order value (AOV) and more return shoppers.

For every month you are not collecting reviews with Lipscore you are loosing money!

Expected increase in sales per month
Average sales increase per month with an average order value of 120 USD, 1000 available products and 4000 orders per month. Actual sales increase varies with segments and verticals.

"We first talked to Lipscore on a Friday afternoon. The following Monday we had the system implemented on two of our sites and were up and running."

Eivind Bulie Haanæs, former eCommerce manager, EnklereLiv

Insigths you will not get elsewhere

With ratings and reviews from Lipscore you close the knowledge gap between you and your customers.
Get first hand insights about your products or services at massive scale!

Questions & Answers

Do you support our website platform?

Short answer; yes. Lipscore can be used on any website with our extremely simple HTML/JavaScript widgets and we also have native apps for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. We also offer API access for complete customization.

How long does it take to integrate?

Integration is simple regardless of which platform you use and we will be very surprised if you spend more than 3-4 hours getting everything going. And our excellent support team is always there to help.

How much does it cost?

Lipscore has a range of products and services that will help you succeed with your customer ratings and reviews and user generated content. Our prices start at $249 per month but what you actually pay per month depends on a range of factors. By contacting us we will make sure that you get the best fit for your needs.

Can we import our existing reviews?

Of course. We wouldn't want your hard earned ratings and reviews go to waste and if you can provide us with an export of your existing reviews we will import them for you.

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